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Posted on 15 Jun, 19 Jul, We need energy in our homes in order to do a number of things. You will note that Posted on 5 Feb, 19 Jul, Not many homeowners realize just how much lighting can add to the monthly electrici Posted on 5 Nov, 15 Jun, Why are plug sockets different in other countries? In the past, electricity was mainly used for lighting purposes but it later turned Posted on 9 Oct, 19 Jul, NEMA approached the council about holding their exhibition in the same location, using the same exhibition structures. Manchester Corporation was reluctant at first and NEMA had to submit a revised proposal in February , agreeing to build a new structure for the exhibition that could be dismantled at the end of the event.

Eventually the council provided the site free of charge and even offered an AC electricity supply from its Stuart Street power station at a reasonable rate. The wooden exhibition hall was designed so that daylight was excluded from the interior, allowing artificial electric lighting to be showcased to its best advantage. This electricity supply powered an external circuit of arc lights for the exhibition, producing dazzlingly bright lighting.

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The report mentions music performed by the Coldstream Guards and other bands among other entertainments. Mancunians enjoy a spectacle.

In , this love for the spectacular clearly included bright, multicoloured lights and the band of the Coldstream Guards. Fortunately for visitors to the exhibition who wanted to relax among the lights and the music, an entry in the minutes of the Parks and Cemeteries Committee from April reveals that the council had agreed to a particular request from the exhibition organisers. They asked for a clause in the official agreement that prohibited the sale of intoxicating liquor and tobacco on the site to be removed.

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Music and drinking aside, the Manchester Electricity Exhibition was home to over stands showcasing the latest developments in electrical engineering, from generators, transformers and switch gear, to incandescent lightbulbs and a model electrical home. Over the month of October , , people visited the exhibition, which is over five times the capacity of the Etihad stadium or four times the capacity of Old Trafford football ground.

In August , before the exhibition was even open to the public, the Manchester Guardian enthused about what promised to be its star exhibit, the electrically equipped model home built and fitted out by Goodall, Lamb and Heighway Ltd of King Street, Manchester, referred to as Messrs Goodalls in the article. Goodalls, as craftsman furniture makers and not electrical engineers, were undoubtedly making use of an opportunity to promote their furniture against a backdrop of modern convenience.

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A couple of days before the official opening of the exhibition, the Manchester Guardian ramped up the excitement, reporting on the types of household gadgets and appliances that would appeal to the more general visitor, including electric knife-cleaners and coffee grinders. We all have at least one friend who is the first to get their hands on the newest technology, willing to believe the innovators that product X will change their life. While the latest must-have gadgets of the Edwardian era were different in form to the gadgets 21st century early adopters pledge for on Kickstarter, they shared an important characteristic—their reliance on electricity.

It had never crossed my mind that someone might want such a thing in their own home. What could be more perfect than an electrically powered, self-playing piano, in that case?